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Describe the methodology with which the work was carried out, that is, the way in which the answers were obtained, the questions formulated in the research tasks and what material you were able to obtain.

This is the main part of the work, which presents the collected material, analyzes it, gives a comparative description of the data obtained, provides graphs, tables, charts, etc.

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Rules of registration of research work. It is best to follow the generally accepted form of a report on completed studies. The upper part of the title page indicates the organization, circle, school, etc., where the author is studying (studying). In the upper third of the sheet is written the full name of the topic of the observations. Below are the information about the author (last name, first name, age of the artist or class of his training at the time of delivery of the work to the supervisor or submission to any competition). It is obligatory to indicate the last name, first name and patronymic of the work manager (if there is one). In the middle of the bottom of the sheet are the year of the report, which should not be confused with the year of the observations, they may not coincide. Text is written (printed) only on one side of the page. The standard paper of A4 format is used for the report. The next page should start with the full name of the work done. If it includes the names of plants or animals, then they are usually duplicated using Latin. Then follow the sections of the work itself. Place and time of observation. In this section, you need to give a sufficiently detailed geographical location of the territory: name the administrative area and area in which your research took place, indicate the natural area (subzone) in which they are located, give a description of the landscapes and main biotopes of the area, indicate the timing of the work. The purpose and objectives of the study. In this section it is necessary to formulate the main idea of ​​the work, its purpose. It often happens that a brief statement of the research objective to some extent coincides with the title of the work. I would like to draw attention to this peculiarity of those who have not yet had experience in self-elaborating the goal and tasks of the work to be done. When a strategic goal is defined, it is necessary to engage in the development of research tactics, determine the questions to which you need to get answers and formulate them in the form of specific tasks. They may sound as follows: The solution of specific problems during the work will allow you to achieve the desired result - the goal of the study. It is very important not to confuse working (research) tasks with technical tasks related to the self-education of a researcher. For example, the study of the literature necessary for conducting research, analyzing the material obtained, mastering techniques, etc., are not the working tasks of the research. In the same section, you can specify the reason for the choice of the topic and its relevance, elaboration by other researchers, to formulate a working hypothesis. In the case of academic work to do this is not necessary. Agree that the relevance of the work of a novice researcher consists mainly in the educational component of his actions and in satisfying his own curiosity. By the way, the last statement is true for the adult scientific community. In any case, remember that this section should not exceed the volume of one page (preferably less), and should be placed in front of the purpose and objectives of the study.

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